Posting Popularity: The Best Times to Distribute Content on Social Media

Posting Popularity- The Best Times to Distribute Content on Social Media


The best time to share your message with the Facebook audience is from 12-4 PM, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Research suggests that this is the peak time people use this popular platform of social media. Friday is also a key day due to the most comments being posted here than any other day of the week.


Instagram and Twitter are the go-to when people are interested in receiving bits of information while on a break from work. This leaves lunchtime the perfect time to do so. 11 AM-1 PM is your best bet for these two. When a typical workday ends is also a common time to scroll putting 5 PM as another great time to post. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are peak days people engage on Instagram while Wednesday and Thursday are the popular days to post on Twitter.


LinkedIn sees the most activity before work, at lunchtime, and after work, This means 8 AM, 12 PM, and 5-6 PM are the best times to post on this platform. Posts seem to get the most views on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with Tuesday being the highest most likely from people being too focused on the weekend on Monday and Friday.

A goal of Lotus Digital is to maximize your content engagement. By following these popular post times, your audience reach will undoubtedly increase.

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