Custom Intent Audiences: An Overview


Wouldn’t it be convenient to locate people who are actually in the market for your product or service and target accordingly? Custom intent audiences on Google Ads allow you to do that based on your campaigns and website. In a nutshell, they allow you to seek out customers who actually intend to purchase what you have to offer and are actively searching for like businesses.

Depending on your experience with Google Ads, one of the two options will set you in the direction for ad optimization.


This is based on a prediction of what Google thinks your potential buyers look like. The performance of keywords and audiences from your existing campaigns are taken into account by machine learning and used accordingly. This feature is automatically built-in at the start of campaigns as of April 2019.


This option allows you to create a variety of keywords and URLs that are specific to your campaign after reviewing reports. This should be used when an individual has a strong background in Google Ads. Thorough knowledge of your target audience is also key to put together the most appealing keywords.


With the ability to run a competitive research and traffic analysis, insight is gained as to which keywords are driving traffic to your competition. Other factors can be identified too, such as which page their customers visit most frequently. This information can be implemented when building custom intent audiences to gain potential customers.

Creating custom intent audiences is an effective way to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). Adding the URLs that are currently on the first page of the search will allow your ad to be visible to people searching under that topic. Doing so helps better associate your content with high user engagement, which in turn will result in a likely higher rank on SERPs.

Ad results are greatly improved when quality keywords and URLs are implemented in your digital advertising and marketing campaigns. Gaining experience using custom intent audiences will ultimately allow your brand to be seen by the right users over the competition.

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